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Yeah, I somehow ended up with my main blog (droppingtheball) not being my “primary blog” (Tumblr’s terminology). So whenever I follow people etc it shows up as this user name, but I only ever post to droppingtheball. I’ve somehow managed to make something as simple as Tumblr unnecessarily complicated. Story of my life!

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Yeah. I signed up to tumblr ages ago and lost interest in it pretty quickly. This year I decided to get back onto it and made a new one (droppingtheball), but I’m pretty incompetent when it comes to internet stuff (and life, generally), so I’ve ended up with the tumblr I actually use (droppingtheball) not being my “primary blog” (tumblr’s words, not mine). So, basically, whenever I want to follow someone or like something it shows up as this one, but I only ever post stuff on droppingtheball.

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Prostitutes in Chuncheon, South Korea, wearing traditional costumes attend a protest against a police crackdown on brothels

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Wonderful, moving words.


The opening speech of the Sydney Equal Love rally. It gathered at Town Hall despite the Anglican Church attempting to shut it down. It marched up Oxford St with over 700 people:

My names Brendan Maclean.

I work at triple j, I’m a musician, I hate Lady Gaga’s new songs but I know every lyric and when I was 15 my dad picked me up from a police station under a banner that said ‘Gay and Lesbian Youth Services.’ Hi dad!


On Tuesday, the 17th of May, we celebrated International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We came together to say no to bullying, no to discrimination in schools, in our work places and in our social lives. I spent the day at RMIT University in Melbourne hearing students talk about what they felt had been achieved to combat hate in others and fear in themselves, and there was a lot of good things; the laws that have changed, the opinions shifted, but what we agreed was missing is why we’re here today.


If marriage is just a word: give it to me. If marriage is just a piece of paper: give it to me. We want Equal Love and we want the symbols and language that applies to everybody else, as equals.


Today is something we fight for, for most of our lives. When students threw rocks at you, when you were denied work, when you battled depression bought on because you were being told it was wrong to be who you were. When you lost friends because they didn’t win that fight. You were fighting for Equal Love.


I don’t for a minute believe that when Tim Mathieson turns to Julia Gillard and pops the question, she’ll proudly declare her Atheism and say “no Tim we’ll have Civil Union.” But because she is a woman and he is a man they are free to stroll in and out of the boundaries and many meanings of the word Marriage but not us.


The double standards are obvious and the arguments against us are just a few twisted words away from: “It’s just not normal.” There is a lot left to fight for all around the world; from recent atrocities against civil rights Uganda to hate crimes that go unnoticed in rural Australia. But we as a community, throughout generations, have been battling for too long not overthrow this baseless idea that after you fight through high school, after you fight through the work place, after we fight through bigoted talk-back radio hosts and narrow minded politicians, after you fight the fear to let go over your lovers hand when you walk down the street, that when you finally find that person you want to marry, after all that, you cant.

I can only tell my own stories. Many of you, probably most of you, grew up in a culture where a rally like this may not have existed. Every generation assumes the next one has it easier, but so they should, it’s what we want. So today we stand together to send a message, a clear, confident message, whether we’re young or old, gay or straight, whatever gender or sexuality you are and whether or not you choose to get married yourself, we stand together to say it’s time for our country to move into the modern world, to demand Equal Love.



“It takes no compromising to give people their rights. It takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no survey to remove repressions.”


Harvey Milk

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CherryLolaChan - Photobucket on We Heart It. 

CherryLolaChan - Photobucket on We Heart It. 


SlutWalk Amsterdam loves queer sluts and allies!

I love this. And I’m straight. Thumbs up.

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Snoop Dogg.

This is hilarious, right? Or is it just me?

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